Duct Cleaning Specials - Some Things to Think About

Your mailboxes may be bombarded with various duct cleaning companies sending postcards that want to give you a low one time charge to clean all of your ductwork.  What you may not notice is the asterisk after the price which tells the rest of the story.  If you read the fine print, which most of us don't, you'll see that the $49.95 is seldom a full, thorough cleaning of your system as it will typically have limitations as to what is cleaned for that price.  Marketing gimmicks like this can be frustrating for those of us who have limited time and even more for those of us who are watching our budget.  


Enough of our customers are calling us after having been burned from charades like this that we thought we'd paint a picture to help other prospective duct cleaning customers.  Our customers tell us that before choosing us, they called to have these companies who do send nice technicians.  The issue is that some are asking for hundreds or even thousands more than what they advertised.  Others are only doing a partial cleaning and even our customers can see that dust is left in registers and other access points.  We thought there would be value in understanding the numbers so you can see where it's in your best interest to choose wisely before investing in a duct cleaning service.  


Pulling data for the average service person's wage from www.bls.gov, a service person in the Pioneer Valley and Boston Metro area averages $14/hour.  Let's say that the average trip to service a location takes 20 minutes.  The typical home that hasn't been serviced for around ten years or more and has around 12 registers will take 2-4 hours to clean.  Being conservative with these numbers, each stop takes 2 hours and 40 minutes. 


Just on manpower alone, the duct cleaning company has paid their technician $35 (2 hours to service to be conservative, 20 minutes in between stops x 2).  When you add fuel for the trip, all of the overhead involved in office staff, advertising, taxes, training, insuring, and equipping that technician, that number quickly climbs.  That's on the low end of an average trip, but a home servicing can take 4-6 hours if the ductwork is not serviced regularly or if the home has any size.  


The point that should be clear by now is that you cannot run a profitable business while professionally and thoroughly serving each customer and keeping loyal, committed employees that care about the job that they are doing with such a low price. 


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